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Thursday, 4 May 2017

Felting a Landscape

Felting  is a new interesting craft work for me.  Although many felting work is used to make simple toys I have now tried to do a painting with the felting technique. Quite a learning process, with so many pokes on my fingers from the barbed needle used for felting😢.However the final outcome was worth it,I have learned and made a good picture.😊

Friday, 30 May 2014

Acrylic Landscape painting - breaking the gap

Finally after a very long break I struggled to make another painting.When I got hooked up with the hook crochet became all important and after fewdays my confidence to paint seems to have run away! All my previous paintings which were framed got sold and someone needed two more of my paintings . Well I sort of cornered myself to paint. Stopped my crochet work for past two days and I was itching to do something.I didnot have the courage to attempt watercolors so went for acrylic. Most of my paints have gone dry.Anway a meak attempt to do something ,safer option was painting a picture which I have already done twice!!I was glad I could break the so called silence in my art.Well I am determined to get going with crochet and painting, so see you soon and regularly.

Monday, 3 March 2014

Experiments in acrylic paintings-autumn landscapes

I was away on work and had an oppurtunity to visit family too.Whenever I go visiting I come across my earlier paintings. It makes me happy to see my paintings being treasured and put up in special places.
These two were done in acrylic on canvas board and were inspired by my visits abroad during autumn.

Friday, 22 February 2013

Old building -Landscape

A simple picture to try out something different from flowers. I did some experiment with the way I  washed the sky.Then also the small details like the fence and trees were enhanced by drawing with ink on the watercolor after it  has dried.This painting is now exhibited at the exhibition at Asset Zing.

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Flowerscapes-Tulip garden

The landscape with tulip flowers as seen in the Netherlands was my subject for my next  watercolor painting.Many people appreciated this one at the exhibition .The red tulips in the front and then mixed colors and the white tulips made good composition. The grasses in reddish brown color enhanced the landscaping. I was very pleased with the short wall .It was real fun painting this one. Do enjoy!

Monday, 18 February 2013

A Motor boat in watercolor

This watercolor painting was done for the exhibition but  I had selected mostly floral paintings to keep a  theme . This one came from a picture in a travel magazine reviewing  Mauritius as a holiday destination. Mmm .. good spot for my next holiday!. Painting the boat was fun  but somehow the view of the sea didnot   match the photograph.I love the color of the sea and it looks shallow that one can walk to the boat.Do enjoy my painting and let me know your views.
Do check out my other boat painting which is a real hit at the exhibition.This one I have done long back  when I was learning watercolor painting and it is done on hand made paper . 

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Landscape in watercolors

 Hello all my artists friends and  visitors to my blog .Wishing all of you a  successful year with lots of colors and creativity.
My new year  resolution   ought to be one painting every day. Now I am able to do one every three days only.Some one warned me that the quality of my paintings will come down if I try to do it in such a rush.Well I disagree  each  one is giving me a lot of insights on  what I could have changed for the better.Well some  of the paintings are coming out well and I think painting everyday  is the real experience .

This is a simple landscape painted a few days before to submit for the creative everyday challenge. I had used silver color for the pebbles in the water. Silver and golden color was in a japanese watercolor paint set I received from a japanese friend.
Working with watercolors make you put more and more color  and sometimes you tend to overdo and you wish you had stopped a little before. This is what happened when I painted the mountains and the trees in this painting. But I still like the picture overall.Do visit my blog and let me know your comments.

Monday, 8 October 2012

Crochet and watercolor practice on sunday

A lazy sunday  gone by . I took up an easy picture to do for  watercolor practice  . A picture from a greeting card. My boat misfired!
I also went to an art gallery  in cochin to see a watercolor painting by two graduates from fine arts college in town. It was a nice show ,inspired me to take up my painting more seriously. There was also an exhibition by a 7 year old girl in acrylic colors. With no basic training her paintings were very good.
You may be wondering about the title yes I did crochet a neck scarf  its the fun part in my life  when I get an artists block .

Saturday, 22 September 2012

Farm house with white daffodils view

Hello  Everyone,
Today's painting is a farm house with a view  of a daffodils field.This painting was done in water color and I have used aqua color pencils to highlight the flowers .I wanted to combine a landscape and  flowers. The reference is from a photo in a brochure of a flower bulb company.They have grown white daffodils in the east slope of the farmhouse from where they sell flower bulbs.  That is great marketing I think,showcasing your own products near your store.I would love buying those daffodils!
Its a simple painting I just left white spaces for the white daffodils. I loved painting the brick wall separating the field from the house.Hope to post more landscapes and flowers soon.Let me know your views.


Friday, 17 August 2012

Mountains inspired by Ladakh Landscape

The mighty mountains and landscape of Ladakh  is here in my new painting  in Acrylic.Shades of red on the mountains  speaks out for  the energy and magnificence of the region.The streams and the rivers though beautiful are overpowered by these mountains.There is no reference photos . This is just what came to mind when I think of Ladakh. Enjoy and let me know your valuable comments. 
Painting in acrylic on stretched canvas(Fine Art),size  12x 24 inch.  

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bamboo and sunflowers in acrylic a repeat

Hi , here is my acrylic paintings of bamboo and sunflowers  again . The bamboo painting in acrylic was so much liked by everyone. My friend Jalaja wanted one for her house so this was for her .Painted on canvas  from fineart 24x12 inch .  .

The sunflowers were earlier done in water colour . Now I have done that on acrylic  on canvas from fineart size 24x12 inch.This time leaves were added  to blend in to background.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Experiments with acrylic

I need to break this no blogging phase. Tried to do two watercolors  past few days but results were not so great.
Here are a few paintings I have done with Acrylic on canvas board ,first one  is the apple blossoms which I had  earlier posted in watercolors.Actually I did the  this picture first in acrylic and later in watercolors.
By the way everyone started asking me why only flowers? simple I love flowers and plants .Why not landscapes ? Let me study nature each little bit ,learn one by one  beginning with the most beautiful jewels of nature" flowers".
Until I seek  and enjoy putting on paper the hues of yet another jewel check out this landscape I did last year.Over the cliff at 18 mile drive  see the lone cypress perched on the rocks along the  pacific coastline. Painted this  from the photograph  I took when I visited California 10 years before . A beautiful day enjoying    the  coastal landscape.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Bamboos in Acrylic

It is sometime since I tried painting with acrylic,so I tried painting a picture I saw in a friends house. As always its my version of the picture rather than a copy. I am so fond of detailing which I am yet to master in acrylic hence  i feel i could have done better.Anyway I am posting this just for comparison later.