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Sunday, 13 January 2013

Landscape in watercolors

 Hello all my artists friends and  visitors to my blog .Wishing all of you a  successful year with lots of colors and creativity.
My new year  resolution   ought to be one painting every day. Now I am able to do one every three days only.Some one warned me that the quality of my paintings will come down if I try to do it in such a rush.Well I disagree  each  one is giving me a lot of insights on  what I could have changed for the better.Well some  of the paintings are coming out well and I think painting everyday  is the real experience .

This is a simple landscape painted a few days before to submit for the creative everyday challenge. I had used silver color for the pebbles in the water. Silver and golden color was in a japanese watercolor paint set I received from a japanese friend.
Working with watercolors make you put more and more color  and sometimes you tend to overdo and you wish you had stopped a little before. This is what happened when I painted the mountains and the trees in this painting. But I still like the picture overall.Do visit my blog and let me know your comments.

Friday, 17 August 2012

Mountains inspired by Ladakh Landscape

The mighty mountains and landscape of Ladakh  is here in my new painting  in Acrylic.Shades of red on the mountains  speaks out for  the energy and magnificence of the region.The streams and the rivers though beautiful are overpowered by these mountains.There is no reference photos . This is just what came to mind when I think of Ladakh. Enjoy and let me know your valuable comments. 
Painting in acrylic on stretched canvas(Fine Art),size  12x 24 inch.