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Monday, 21 March 2016

Buddha painting in acrylic

I decided to take up a 30 day challenge to paint everyday and not to procrastinate anymore about painting.So here I am second day of my challenge.
This is a painting of Buddha in acrylic.It's done on top of plywood.It's not an original ,I was inspired by a mural on wood .Hope to hear from all of you.Do let me know so that I am motivated to complete my challenge.

Saturday, 17 November 2012

Phalaenopsis orchid in acrylic

Hi everyone! my days have been busy  with  work,celebrating my birthday and then diwali  festival with my brothers family . 
So after making up some lost sleep I am back at painting .I wanted to do a larger painting of the phalaenopsis orchids.I choose the white phalaenopsis as they  are so popular . You find them on brochures of orchid producing companies all the time.
This painting I have planned to do in two sections with the bloom split into two canvas.The first one is done .Do also have a look at my phalenopsis in watercolor if you are new to my site.
12x24 " stretched canvas 

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ladakh landscape the first view of pangong lake

Acrylic on canvas board 10x12"
Hello everyone here is my next painting of the Ladakh landscape series.  Every time I decide to do a painting of Ladakh I cannot resist going through all the photographs that I have taken in Ladakh.Its such good memories that there is always an enthusiasm for painting  which comes into play. It was the birthday of dear Indira who came with us for the trip.So this  one goes to her. This painting is done in acrylic colors on canvas board.
Indira you may be remember that first sight of Pangong Tso lake . Our travel coordinator Deepa called out to us to lookout for that first sight and now I knew why as soon as I saw it ,its so special.The jewel like blue is  the first glimpse of the lake through the mountains. Panong lake is in Ladakh,India and extending 60% in to China.Its at a height of 14270ft (4350mtrs).Its 134 km long.The lake has beautiful blue color which changes according to light .The view of the lake is most panoramic since its surrounded by mountain ranges.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Monasteries of Ladakh in acrylic completed

Here is the completed painting of my previous post. I got delayed as I got  nowhere trying to paint the monastery and its details with acrylic . Finally  I tried out the water color pencils to draw the buildings. Some minor alterations and high lighting with acrylic and its ready. So its mixed media actually. Hope all of you will leave your comments, I really enjoyed painting this one.(size 10x12'')

Friday, 17 August 2012

Mountains inspired by Ladakh Landscape

The mighty mountains and landscape of Ladakh  is here in my new painting  in Acrylic.Shades of red on the mountains  speaks out for  the energy and magnificence of the region.The streams and the rivers though beautiful are overpowered by these mountains.There is no reference photos . This is just what came to mind when I think of Ladakh. Enjoy and let me know your valuable comments. 
Painting in acrylic on stretched canvas(Fine Art),size  12x 24 inch.  

Sunday, 15 July 2012

Bamboo and sunflowers in acrylic a repeat

Hi , here is my acrylic paintings of bamboo and sunflowers  again . The bamboo painting in acrylic was so much liked by everyone. My friend Jalaja wanted one for her house so this was for her .Painted on canvas  from fineart 24x12 inch .  .

The sunflowers were earlier done in water colour . Now I have done that on acrylic  on canvas from fineart size 24x12 inch.This time leaves were added  to blend in to background.

Monday, 2 July 2012

Experiments with acrylic

I need to break this no blogging phase. Tried to do two watercolors  past few days but results were not so great.
Here are a few paintings I have done with Acrylic on canvas board ,first one  is the apple blossoms which I had  earlier posted in watercolors.Actually I did the  this picture first in acrylic and later in watercolors.
By the way everyone started asking me why only flowers? simple I love flowers and plants .Why not landscapes ? Let me study nature each little bit ,learn one by one  beginning with the most beautiful jewels of nature" flowers".
Until I seek  and enjoy putting on paper the hues of yet another jewel check out this landscape I did last year.Over the cliff at 18 mile drive  see the lone cypress perched on the rocks along the  pacific coastline. Painted this  from the photograph  I took when I visited California 10 years before . A beautiful day enjoying    the  coastal landscape.

Monday, 14 May 2012

Bamboos in Acrylic

It is sometime since I tried painting with acrylic,so I tried painting a picture I saw in a friends house. As always its my version of the picture rather than a copy. I am so fond of detailing which I am yet to master in acrylic hence  i feel i could have done better.Anyway I am posting this just for comparison later.