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Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Ladakh landscape the first view of pangong lake

Acrylic on canvas board 10x12"
Hello everyone here is my next painting of the Ladakh landscape series.  Every time I decide to do a painting of Ladakh I cannot resist going through all the photographs that I have taken in Ladakh.Its such good memories that there is always an enthusiasm for painting  which comes into play. It was the birthday of dear Indira who came with us for the trip.So this  one goes to her. This painting is done in acrylic colors on canvas board.
Indira you may be remember that first sight of Pangong Tso lake . Our travel coordinator Deepa called out to us to lookout for that first sight and now I knew why as soon as I saw it ,its so special.The jewel like blue is  the first glimpse of the lake through the mountains. Panong lake is in Ladakh,India and extending 60% in to China.Its at a height of 14270ft (4350mtrs).Its 134 km long.The lake has beautiful blue color which changes according to light .The view of the lake is most panoramic since its surrounded by mountain ranges.

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Ladakh landscape in acrylic( 2)

I was just waiting for my canvas to arrive to start the next painting of the ladakh mountains. Thrilled to receive another set of photos  of my trip to ladakh from my friend Coralie.All the photos bring back the beautiful moments when our group  of woman explorers  saw the different scenes that went past on our trips. Our second day in Ladakh we went to Khardung la 18380 ft ,highest motorable road  in the world . We had a nice cinnamon tea  in the cafe there.Cinnamon tea was so enjoyable with the music and everyone in a mood to dance.Before we reached the top there were views of the mountains with the snow capped peaks . The sky with the clouds were so blue and it  looked like in a trance. Against the rocks on one side the ice looked like  trickling down from the top of the mountains.It was an awesome sight.No vegetation to be seen but the colors reflecting from the rocks and  the snow all were beyond imagination. 
My photos look dull compared to what it was. But in my painting I have tried to bring out the colors  I saw there . I am pleased with the foreground I made  where I mixed lot of colors .The sky  I could not do justice to the view I think.Overall I am happy and hope to have some comments from all my audience. 
 Painting size 12x10 inches 

Friday, 3 August 2012

Landscape from Ladakh in acrylic

Glad to start of on my paintings again . I was restless during my holiday when I could not  paint all those beautiful landscapes that I saw each  day for the past one week.The pictures changed each minute when we travelled up and down the mountains. The valleys had  greens and yellows in plenty and the streams trickling down the colourful stones were chilling but  out of this world. The bare mountains had snow and sometimes are just rocks,Mountains were reflecting colurs red,brown ,ochre and ash. Patterns of glaciers which melted and came down drew tree like pictures on these colourful peaks.Water in the panong lake was like a precisely cut gem stone like an aquamarine or amazonite etc or sometimes all.
My first painting in this series on ladakh  is in acrylic( I am not confident on watercolors just now for landscapes)I did a small painting  6*8inch  on canvas board , picture of a lake and the mountains beyond which are the snow capped himalyas  and the blue sky.I plan to do this on a larger scale later.Please send your comments.This picture is for my new friends who joined me to see ladakh.