Friday, 24 January 2014

How to make a crochet necklace

Hello there the fever for crochet has me in its hold .I finished a beautiful set in black and red 2 bangles,earrings and a necklace today.

The bangles are just chains on an old bangle just to fill the bangle evenly.Sorry I was too lazy to do anything more.
So my turn to be the teacher again.I am explaining today how I made the necklace.Begin with a strong and stretchy elastic string (used for jewelry obviously made in china).OOps! I forgot to cut the elastic one to one and a half inch more than your neck size and depending on how you want to wear it.Attach the chain and the hook and secure it. Now the fun part,we are ready to crochet.The beads are stringed in the thread at this stage.As we did for the bangles bring the knotted end of the crochet thread inside through the elastic Loop we made.You need to make chains on the plastic loop to cover from one side to the other.Its not easy as the thread slides over frequently.You may need to make upto 150  to 200 chains.When you reach the other end one chain turn skip 2 chains single crochet in the third chain ,repeat to the end .The photo is not very clear but if you look closely you can see the elastic loop made first.

The third row begins with a chain and turn.(Chain 2 single crochet into the chain space of the previous row ,repeat 8 times) ,*chain 2 into the next chain space, chain with the bead ,chain 2 into the same chain space,chain 2 into next chain space ,repeat from *until 8 loops are remaining repeat from().Fasten and finish after securing the thread.You can use gum to fix the cut ends .

Have lots of fun making this!
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