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Thursday, 21 February 2013

Phalaenopsis Blooms

Hi there,  this one is my favourite flower painting.I took a lot of time to perfect it .I almost abandoned it when I thought the  half opened flower on the left was ruined . But when it finished I was really surprised   at the life like quality of the petals.Hard work does pay off! Hope my viewers do enjoy this.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Watercolor paintings exhibition

Its been an eventful week and a whole new experience  with the opening of my exhibition.There was news in the local newspapers about the exhibition and television  coverage too. Past few days many of my colleagues came to see the paintings and their comments and feedback were really encouraging. I was also able to meet some old friends and made some new friends too. Together with me their were other two artists Ms Anitha Kartha and Ms Bindya Rajagopal . Anitha   Kartha specialize in mural paintings  and her oil paintings of nature are very detailed  and pleasing .Ms Bindya  is a professional contemporary artist ,she is an art academy award winner and she also has her own art gallery.
These are  some of the paintings I have   exhibited for the show. The phalaenopsis (orchid ) painting is one of my favourite.


Saturday, 17 November 2012

Phalaenopsis orchid in acrylic

Hi everyone! my days have been busy  with  work,celebrating my birthday and then diwali  festival with my brothers family . 
So after making up some lost sleep I am back at painting .I wanted to do a larger painting of the phalaenopsis orchids.I choose the white phalaenopsis as they  are so popular . You find them on brochures of orchid producing companies all the time.
This painting I have planned to do in two sections with the bloom split into two canvas.The first one is done .Do also have a look at my phalenopsis in watercolor if you are new to my site.
12x24 " stretched canvas 

Saturday, 29 September 2012

Harlequin phalaenopsis in watercolor

The new PADT (Paint and Draw Together  ) challenge is flowers of harlequin phalaenopsis orchid  in a shallow vase.I was excited to do this challenge as this is a subject close to my heart and also producing phalaenopsis plants of such varities is a part of my job.Always glad to see blooms of my tissue plants anywhere.In this variety the flowers are true to their name comic and colorful .Color splashes over their white  petals. I have a name for them monster  phalaenopsis!!(personally I am not a big fan of this variety,just like you guessed)
Lela(PADT) did justice to put these strange looking orchid flowers in a beautiful vase.The vase has a clear  design  / pattern   which brings out the shape much in contrast to the flowers with smudges.I think nature went freak on these flowers.
monster orchids size 15"x 10.6" 
I loved painting this challenge in watercolor on Fabriano watercolor paper 300 gsm .First I painted the colorful vase and then darkened the background around the flowers. The same colors  used in the background was diluted to very thin color in the areas were the petals are shaded.The spots on the underside were made dull by using tissue paper to absorb the brightness . I am so happy with the results.Lastly I again gave another coat of paint to right side of vase to high light the roundness of the vase. My painting is now complete and I am eagerly waiting to photograph and publish this painting. 
 Thankyou Lela for this challenge. I have to admit that with every challenge I am learning new techniques and my silly mistakes also.The photograph came out very bright and vibrant ,thankyou sujith your photographs excels my paintings.
This painting is available.Please contact me for details.

Saturday, 19 May 2012

Orchid in watercolour

This is another addition to my series of paintings on orchids.This orchid has been done in water colors.Flower has been highlighted with a rusty brick  red lip petal .The leaves were kept minimal but suggestion of other leaves and flowers are shown in the background with different washes.
Cattelya orchids are pot plants with beautiful flowers. There are many varieties with different flower colors in cattelyas.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Orchids in watercolor

Orchids  in watercolors

Cattelya orchids in flower in a painted decorative pot. Orchid flowers are my favourite for painting as there is such a varied list of plants to choose them. The second painting here is the vandas.