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Saturday, 16 February 2013

Watercolor paintings exhibition

Its been an eventful week and a whole new experience  with the opening of my exhibition.There was news in the local newspapers about the exhibition and television  coverage too. Past few days many of my colleagues came to see the paintings and their comments and feedback were really encouraging. I was also able to meet some old friends and made some new friends too. Together with me their were other two artists Ms Anitha Kartha and Ms Bindya Rajagopal . Anitha   Kartha specialize in mural paintings  and her oil paintings of nature are very detailed  and pleasing .Ms Bindya  is a professional contemporary artist ,she is an art academy award winner and she also has her own art gallery.
These are  some of the paintings I have   exhibited for the show. The phalaenopsis (orchid ) painting is one of my favourite.


Thursday, 5 July 2012

White lily in water color

So finally I could break my  inactivity and start painting flowers. Today I completed a white lily picture I saw in a cutflower  catalogue.These white lilies look lovely and robust .These are not fully opened as the other variety of lilies.I was more confident to take up painting white flowers in water color after I attempted the challenge of doing the last PADT (Paint and draw together) challenge of white flowers in a pot. Thankyou Lela.
Here for this picture I could mark out the white area well but had to do the background color a second time  to make the flowers become more prominent.  Size of painting 15"x10.6" water color paper
Let me know your comments.
Also I include the my picture posted for the PADT challenge

Monday, 4 June 2012

Irises in water color

When I saw the photograph of Iris gardens in Japan  posted by my friend in the facebook  it was my turn to paint the next flower for my floral series.What a lovely blue!. Iris lilies are beautiful in a group as well as individual flower.The dark blue violet color is eye catching  so are the shapes of each petal. In this variety  the flower is small. Yellow flower is also a common color found in these plants . Happy to inform you this painting  and 8 other paintings posted in this blog (apple blossoms,wild tulips,paeonies,lilies ,autumn leaves etc have been selected for display at Wallframes Art gallery Kochi. 

Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Lilies again in water color

I made another picture of lilies  in a more brighter color and with the strong background washes.The color of this one is different from the subtle pink  lily I posted last time.The color  of the petals is not exactly orginal  but there sure is a possibility that this color variety is available. The shape and color of the buds blend with the background washes .