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Wednesday, 25 November 2015

Acrylic painting of the boat

A small painting in acrylic .This is the same picture that I had done in water colors.
This painting was just a small practise with my aunt who wanted to learn acrylic painting.
Do also check out the water color painting on the same subject done earlier.Here is the link
The picture credit goes to  book water in watercolour by Joe Francis Dowden.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Painting Exhibition Sales

Suprisingly I did make some sales  at the exhibition at Asset Zing ,even though many warned me not to expect any sales. And there is further some  enquiry for  three more of the exhibited paintings. More than the sales there was so much appreciation about my paintings and comments from total strangers like"simple and beautiful paintings for the common man" were so encouraging for a first timer like me.I have to keep in mind flowers are not what people expect from paintings its more of nature and other complicated stuff.I enjoy painting flowers and that is why it looks as beautiful as its subject. Looking forward for my next exhibition I should  be presenting a more varied subject for sure!! These are the paintings that are sold.Thank you to all those who visited my painting exhibition and also who loved to take one back home.



Gods own Festival

The Boat


Monday, 18 February 2013

A Motor boat in watercolor

This watercolor painting was done for the exhibition but  I had selected mostly floral paintings to keep a  theme . This one came from a picture in a travel magazine reviewing  Mauritius as a holiday destination. Mmm .. good spot for my next holiday!. Painting the boat was fun  but somehow the view of the sea didnot   match the photograph.I love the color of the sea and it looks shallow that one can walk to the boat.Do enjoy my painting and let me know your views.
Do check out my other boat painting which is a real hit at the exhibition.This one I have done long back  when I was learning watercolor painting and it is done on hand made paper . 

Saturday, 16 February 2013

Watercolor paintings exhibition

Its been an eventful week and a whole new experience  with the opening of my exhibition.There was news in the local newspapers about the exhibition and television  coverage too. Past few days many of my colleagues came to see the paintings and their comments and feedback were really encouraging. I was also able to meet some old friends and made some new friends too. Together with me their were other two artists Ms Anitha Kartha and Ms Bindya Rajagopal . Anitha   Kartha specialize in mural paintings  and her oil paintings of nature are very detailed  and pleasing .Ms Bindya  is a professional contemporary artist ,she is an art academy award winner and she also has her own art gallery.
These are  some of the paintings I have   exhibited for the show. The phalaenopsis (orchid ) painting is one of my favourite.