Monday, 2 July 2012

Experiments with acrylic

I need to break this no blogging phase. Tried to do two watercolors  past few days but results were not so great.
Here are a few paintings I have done with Acrylic on canvas board ,first one  is the apple blossoms which I had  earlier posted in watercolors.Actually I did the  this picture first in acrylic and later in watercolors.
By the way everyone started asking me why only flowers? simple I love flowers and plants .Why not landscapes ? Let me study nature each little bit ,learn one by one  beginning with the most beautiful jewels of nature" flowers".
Until I seek  and enjoy putting on paper the hues of yet another jewel check out this landscape I did last year.Over the cliff at 18 mile drive  see the lone cypress perched on the rocks along the  pacific coastline. Painted this  from the photograph  I took when I visited California 10 years before . A beautiful day enjoying    the  coastal landscape.