Friday, 30 May 2014

Acrylic Landscape painting - breaking the gap

Finally after a very long break I struggled to make another painting.When I got hooked up with the hook crochet became all important and after fewdays my confidence to paint seems to have run away! All my previous paintings which were framed got sold and someone needed two more of my paintings . Well I sort of cornered myself to paint. Stopped my crochet work for past two days and I was itching to do something.I didnot have the courage to attempt watercolors so went for acrylic. Most of my paints have gone dry.Anway a meak attempt to do something ,safer option was painting a picture which I have already done twice!!I was glad I could break the so called silence in my art.Well I am determined to get going with crochet and painting, so see you soon and regularly.

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