Monday, 2 February 2015

Patan step well in Gujarat

Here is some photos from Patan Gujarat.

Trip to Kutch Gujarat

Today I start for my holiday in Kutch.A group of 19 ladies mainly from Kerala are on this trip to north western part of India to see the land of wetlands.
I will be mobile blogging my travel and  will give you details of the places visited,  photos etc as much as I can.  My group is already there in Ahmedabad touring palaces and other tourist center's.  Well I had to forego that due to my buisness trip in Germany.  But looks like the girls are having fun.Looking forward to see and feel the culture of Gujarat and taking up Amitabh Bachans challenge 'if you haven't seen Gujarat you haven't seen India'. See you soon.

Saturday, 31 January 2015

My new smartness

Here I am entering another smart phase. Blogging on mobile. My travel to Europe to see the IPM Essen and the hortishow is here in photos.  Enjoy!

Watercolor abstract painting decoupaged

Water color painting on rIce paper was pasted on a mud pot and several coating of varnish was applied.See the result the painting shines and colors develop beautifully. This was indeed a dream to create and use watercolor painting on a permanent style.

Tuesday, 28 October 2014

Watercolor painting new style

This is my attempt to start painting again. I painted this on rice paper from Beijing sent by my friend Miss Wendy.This is a landscape worked in freestyle. The thin paper was then pasted on canvas board and varnished several times. This gave it a glowing appearence. Hope to see your comments dear friends.

initial color

Wednesday, 16 July 2014

Latest in my hobby

Hi everyone ,I missed on blogging for a while. I was too busy with hospital and looking after my dad I had to post everything in google plus! indeed an easy option. More visibility for sure. Currently in painting I am working on a mural and it will take time to finish. I am only learning this. But my main activity is in crocheting. Here are some of the new items.

Friday, 30 May 2014

Acrylic Landscape painting - breaking the gap

Finally after a very long break I struggled to make another painting.When I got hooked up with the hook crochet became all important and after fewdays my confidence to paint seems to have run away! All my previous paintings which were framed got sold and someone needed two more of my paintings . Well I sort of cornered myself to paint. Stopped my crochet work for past two days and I was itching to do something.I didnot have the courage to attempt watercolors so went for acrylic. Most of my paints have gone dry.Anway a meak attempt to do something ,safer option was painting a picture which I have already done twice!!I was glad I could break the so called silence in my art.Well I am determined to get going with crochet and painting, so see you soon and regularly.