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Thursday, 3 September 2015

Ellora caves,India

Hello friends
  Last week I went to explore the Cave sculptures and paintings  in Ajantha and Ellora caves in Aurangabad.Here are some photographs taken of Ellora caves. It was an wow factor experience indeed. Ellora was beautiful you could go on looking at each pillar and post and not complete the experience even in a month.What I could see was for few hours that is all.I took these photographs but after a while you forget to click since you need to absorb the beauty into your memory.Its a tiring journey to the interiors of Aurangabad and lots of walking and climbing.So if you ever do it take your time and enjoy. Check out this link for more details

Intricate decorations on pillars

Lord Shiva suppressing Ravana who is shaking the kailash mountain where lord Shiva sits

Goddess on lotus

see the folded leaves of lotus

temple inside the ellora caves

Epic stories in stone

Animals carved as if holding the chariot shaped temple

Shiva killing demon

Mahaveer in the caves representing Jainism

Monday, 2 February 2015

Trip to Kutch Gujarat

Today I start for my holiday in Kutch.A group of 19 ladies mainly from Kerala are on this trip to north western part of India to see the land of wetlands.
I will be mobile blogging my travel and  will give you details of the places visited,  photos etc as much as I can.  My group is already there in Ahmedabad touring palaces and other tourist center's.  Well I had to forego that due to my buisness trip in Germany.  But looks like the girls are having fun.Looking forward to see and feel the culture of Gujarat and taking up Amitabh Bachans challenge 'if you haven't seen Gujarat you haven't seen India'. See you soon.