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Sunday, 1 September 2013

Festivals of Kerala -watercolor painting

Hello everyone,
I have been away from my blog as well as painting for a long time . Many other things took away all my spare time ,my job responsibilities,new project on vegetable growing in polyhouse  etc etc.I wanted to paint but could never bring myself to do it until now. 
This watercolor painting of  temple festival in kerala was done in  many days.My aim was to give prominence to the colorful umbrellas,peacock feather fans and the white fans that they display on top of the elephants. On the otherside there is another set of elephants displaying the diety and again colorful umbrellas.The people holding the umbrellas that you see in the front are sitting on top of the elephants and all around the colors are to show the people who come in masses to see this festival. This temple festival is called poorams.I had done almost a similar  painting on the same subject.You can check it here.
Let me know your comments and do enjoy my paintings.

Sunday, 13 January 2013

Festival in Gods own country -watercolor painting

Kerala  my native land is the most sought after tourist destination in India. November and December are the days for temple festivals and its tourist season too. Its great to be able to enjoy this beautiful land  and its festivals. When we are young we  look forward to becoming part of all other places other than our native land.At one point in our life we come back and enjoy all this, remembers so many sweet memories of our childhood in this land. I am glad we have not lost all of the old world charm in this modern world.
So to celebrate  being in kerala  here is my painting on festival called pooram .During these pooram festival each temple showcase their brilliance in art and music . Umberallas of many colors are showcased from elephant tops. The umberallas are not only brightly colored but have very beautiful decorations.There is special panchavadyam( musical concert )  to accompany the display.The crowds throng to see these festivals not only the people from the neighborhood but also people from other states and countries.This is an abstract  painting of the pooram festival . My main aim was to show the hundreds of people who gather here . And they truly complete the picture of the festivities.I loved the way the colors came out and would like to hear your comments.