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Saturday, 5 October 2013

Kashmir valley a watercolor painting

Hello dear friends and viewers of my blog.Thankyou for visiting my blog.I am glad I have seriously started painting again. I have a whole lot of pictures of Kashmir from my holiday and the first painting of the series is here. On our first day we had visited the  Mughal gardens  and second day we were travelling to Pahalgam. After the city sights and a long  traffic jammed bypass road , slowly the scenery changes to beautiful green valleys. We could sight the mountain ranges at a distance It takes about 2 hours drive to Pehalgam from Srinagar.The Chinar trees  and the walnut trees are dominated by the pine woods as we travel to Pehalgam.
The shape of these pine trees reminds me of Xmas cards. There is so much of greenery around. It is hot weather and rivers are thin.The Liddar river appears and disappears as we drive by.
This painting is a very common sight of kashmir valley in summer.Mountain ranges far away and lush greenery around with the conical pine trees. Will be back with the next painting soon and until then hope you enjoy  this painting

Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Iris garden

Iris flowerscape
When I started seriously doing watercolors I wanted to concentrate and  excel in one type of subject before I ventured into more complicated paintings. This was how I started painting flowers. Now you may notice that I have started on landscapes mostly having gardens . This painting Iris  flowerscape(I like this word!) was part of the painting exhibition. There are yellow  irises too in this ledge of irises.A few mistakes like the two fence  for climbing plants went out of propotion and the slabs at the left hand corner should have been straight. Well I am glad I learn from these stupid mistakes. I loved the way the iris flowers came out and overall many liked this painting too.
Please also look at my Iris painting in an earlier post which had the highest views in my blog.