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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Dancer in watercolors an experiment

Hello there. After a small spell of not having the magic of colors from my heart finally I was able to break my non painting days.It is difficult to come back in line after few days of this blackout days. Everything I started to do, proved to be far from satisfactory.So with some pushing and boosted courage I was doing try try try again!..
Reading the book atmospheric watercolors makes you want to breakout and have a blast with colors.But habits die hard,so still there is a lot of clinging onto details and not breaking away from what one learn initially. Yesterday I painted a dancer. Its not a  fully freestyle painting as I had done a pencil sketch earlier.Painting her dress was like going on an adventure allowing the colors to mix on the paper instead of in the palette.I enjoyed painting her dress.I had a hard time making her smile.Overall except for the face I could make  some improvement in this style.When I look at the picture again and again I feel there is something holding her back and its the free motion and the spirit that has to be brought into the painting.For sure I need to attempt this again. Do let me know your comments about this painting.

Do also take a look at another painting of dancers in watercolor in my earlier post

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Boxer -watercolor painting

14.5"x 11"
Hi everyone! Its always exciting to learn a new technique when you are not any more in school. Here is me all excited and thrilled that I could really do something out of the box and have excellent results. See what I did yesterday my second doggies painting. Gusti( boxer) is Thomas Jacobs pet dog. I borrowed a photo of Gusti for this painting. Gusti is very serious looking  dog and his face is very structured. I enjoyed painting this one in the same freestyle painting as I did in my last  post .The freedom this style gives is fantastic . Yesterday I completed the painting late in the evening and couldnot really predict what the outcome will be at that time. Never thought I can attempt to draw faces especially without drawing. Hope all of you like this one.Love you Gusti.

Monday, 11 March 2013

Freestyle painting practise in watercolors

My cousin sister Nisha and her daughter Rhea loves dogs.They are always picking  up stray dogs taking care and getting them homes.Since they live in an apartment they can't keep a pet .But this doesn't stop them from loving animals especially doggies!
Rhea loved the doggie painting in Jean Haines book Atmospheric watercolors ,I promised Rhea that I will send the picture after painting. So my practise of freestyle painting  is for Rhea.I need to practise a lot to learn this style, but the results look very interesting and different.
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Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Painting Freestyle Watercolors -Tulips

Glad to be back doing what I like,Painting flowers.Such a wonderful gift I received  from my dear friends in New York(thankyou Neetu) a book by Jean Haines -Atmospheric watercolors.I liked her writing style ,its as good as her paintings.Its a wonderful book.I am trying to learn  Jeans art of freestyle painting.The Tulips shown below is my first attempt.Painting this small picture I could  feel how I am restraining myself trying to add the right colors and right shapes to the tulips.I did breakaway a little bit but not all.The end result look lively than if I had tried to copy a real tulip flower.Just like Jean said I did have lots of fun throwing in some unusual colors into  the background before I even painted the form of the flowers I hope to  do more of this style  soon.Do let me know how you like this simple painting.