Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Tutorial for crochet jewellery an earring

Hi friends I have been crocheting again and really excited to share with you all what I have made in the last few days. After having a look at the crocheted earring images on Google and checking some websites I could make out how I could design and make one. Here is a simple design on a small earring and a matching bangle. you can do it too. 


I used Anchor cotton   green double color thread .I made it to match the green saree I usually wear to office.The bangle is made on an old metal bangle which I was about to throw out.
Here is the the step by step instructions to make these,first lets make the earring.
Materials required for making this pretty earrings are crochet cotton thread size 20, crochet needle size 7(.95mm) ,one bead already stringed in the thread and an earring .The earring I have taken is small with a loop right in the middle.


 Start a chain on the earring by bringing the knotted loop through the inside of the earring.I put 8 stitches on either side of the loop and 2 stitches inside the loop.

So completed 18 stitches to cover the earring leaving the portion that you have to insert in your earlobe.
Chain one turn , single crochet into all the 8 stitches.When you reach the loop chain with the bead and then 2 chains and continue single crochet into the remaining 8 stitches on the earring. End and cut the thread after securing .You can use a little gum to fix the cut ends.


So completed the two earrings see how simple it is .Please notice the portion left without the crochet for inserting in your earlobe.
Hope you like my instructions if you have any doubts please let me know. In my next post I will explain how I made the matching bangle which is as simple as this.